Boost Your Open Rates and Get More Responses with Leadshark’s Cold Email Copywriting Service

Did you know most professionals have over 200 unread emails in their inbox and receive hundreds of new ones each week?

It’s easy for cold emails to remain unopened, be ignored, or worse, labeled as spam. So how can you make sure you get replies and don’t waste your money and time?

If you’re targeting the right people,

The #1 Reason Your Emails Aren’t Converting
Is Your COPY

Cold emails work when they are creative and appeal to a prospect’s interest.

Leadshark makes it easy for you to have high converting cold emails, accelerate your pipeline, and increase revenue.

Scale Up Your Email Lead Generation

Have our Experts Write your Cold Emails

Receive Feedback on Your Cold Email Scripts

“I’ve already applied your suggestion to include that personal and time-based specificity in my emails and we got an appointment scheduled with a 2,800-employee business almost immediately. Gave a demo, and have a follow-up demo scheduled 2 weeks from now.”

David McHale, Hailbytes, United States

Get Expertly Crafted Cold Emails That Drive Engagement & Conversions

Here’s how we help our clients get to 10X better results from their outbound campaign:

“With 182 sends I’ve booked 8 meetings with companies above 5M in revenue, two of which above 50 million!”

Jacon Tuwiner, United States

Step 1

We’ll analyze your freshly prospected Leadshark list, understand your target audience and product offering, so we can start data-driven marketing campaigns.

Step 2

Our world-class cold email copywriters will write custom email sequences with clear ROI statements, so that you enjoy up to 5X better reply rates above industry average.

Increase Opens, Clicks, and Replies with Higher Converting Emails

“Literally having tons of people saying, “this is the best cold email I’ve ever received” and I credit a lot of that to you!”

Matteo Favaro, United States

Communicate persuasively

We pull powerful persuasion triggers in the right order and at the right time, so that you get more responses.

Close more deals

You will unlock sales opportunities with the best leads in your target market, leading to results such as 5X better reply rates and 3X better close rates.

Boost open and reply rates

We have acquired valuable insights from over 1,000,000 cold emails, follow ups, and subject lines reaching industry-best open, reply, and meeting book rates.

Test message variants

We try out different email scripts, subject lines, so that you have the best message approach for your broader audience.
“Reporting back. I have a prospect list I typically get about a 55% open rate on. After your training I figured I could apply your strategies to my list. It worked! 80% open rate in the first 24 hours! In the first 4 hours I had about 90 responses! I spent the whole day replying to emails. Absolutely incredible!”

Matteo Favaro, United States

Do you already have a cold outreach email sequence in place?

Have it double checked by a team that drove over $100M in sales for their clients!

“Just wanted to say thank you! Last month had my best month ever and this month I will probably hit around double that. Plus now I feel I can generate appointments on demand. I just don’t have time now to handle all the meetings!”

Matteo Favaro, United States

Choose the Best Option for You

Email Feedback

$79 / Script / Month*

Email Writing

$179 / Script / Month*

*Billing for Leadshark Cold Email Copywriting starts immediately after SIGN UP. Leadshark subscription pricing will be billed month to month. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

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Start Creating More Sales Conversations With Targeted Messages, Today.

“We had a total of 5982 deliveries with a 6% reply rate and 96 meetings booked. This month, our campaign generated $34k in sent proposals in addition to the $13k in sales.”

Prodeep Bose, EVP Growth & Innovation, The Bloc

“The initial email outreach campaign in the first 6 months got us 68 leads and 40 meetings booked. We’re making good progress, so let’s keep going.”

Prodeep Bose, EVP Growth & Innovation, The Bloc

“After 12 months of email outreach for 18,000 leads, we had 54 meetings booked. Thank you for putting up such a diverse outreach strategy for us.”

Brett Spiegel, Director of Business Strategy, Fuzz Productions

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