We’ve Had Enough With Overpaying For Leads

Over the last seven years, we’ve spent over $500,000 just on acquiring contact information. We couldn’t find a fast and affordable enough way to get the leads we needed, so we built it ourselves.

No more wasted time and capital reaching out to dead ends.

We’re an international team, passionate about data and the role it plays in prospecting. That’s why our business model is different. (Keep reading to learn how.)

Seven years worth of data tells us getting the freshest possible contact details of contacts within your target markets leads to much more predictable results and ROI.

We believe all data should be verified before use.

With Leadshark, the moment you click to get a prospect’s email, we verify data and contact information in real-time.

If we aren't 100% sure it's accurate, we'll let you know immediately. No point in getting marked as spam or making cold calls that don't connect.

You should be compensated for the work you put in.

If you've been in marketing or sales for any amount of time, you have your own book of business. We all have. And with Leadshark, that now has more value than ever before.

Any Leadshark Member that contributes to the database with new contacts or updates old ones gets free credits to use for unlocking verified contact information.

The Story Behind Leadshark

A Short Letter From Our CEO

Alex and I have been developing and executing on effective lead generation strategies for over a decade, each. In the past 5 years alone, those strategies have generated over $100Million for ourselves and our clients.

What's our secret sauce? Well, it has 2 ingredients.
  1. A disciplined, passionate, no excuses work ethic.
  2. Great data.

There might be other paths to marketing and sales success, but we found these two ingredients to be the most critical out of everything else.

The best lead list in the world is worthless if you don't write (and constantly iterate on) great copy. Or on the other side, hours spent writing great copy is wasted if the lead list is not good enough.

So, after many months of product design and hundreds of thousands spent on development, we finally launched Leadshark, the World's first community-driven lead generation platform.

Leadshark will help everyone in our community have access to affordable, accurate data. So, if you’ve been looking for a lead generation product that builds up your pipeline with a list of target accounts that fit your unique criteria, try Leadshark today.

Happy prospecting,

Start your 7-day free trial today and start getting the valid emails of your ideal clients.

Our data has been fueling the growth of businesses for years.